Small Talk: Kevin Garnett To Stay In Boston! Last Hurrah? Hold On! – Gasol To Minnesota?

As a true green Celtics fan my reaction was simply, “YES!”  KG is still going for more. Not only is Kevin Garnett staying with the team that helped him win his first NBA championship in 12 years, but most of all Kevin Garnett is still going to play in the NBA. Ever since the Celtics were eliminated by the eventual-NBA champion Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Garnett has both been hinting a possible change of NBA uniform or never putting on an NBA jersey ever again after 17 years of passion and determination on the hardwood floors in any NBA arena. However, Kevin Garnett, in his own words during an interview regarding his determination to win an NBA championship, “What am I going to do? Quit? Psh, that’s not even in my vocabulary.” Yesterday, as reported on ESPN, Kevin Garnett signed a 3-year 34 million dollar contract with the Boston Celtics. For me personally, and putting aside me being a Celtics fan, I truly believe that this move by the Celtics and Kevin Garnett himself will benefit both sides. The Celtics drafted big men Fab Melo out of Syracuse and Jared Sullinger out of Ohio State. Throughout KG’s illustrious NBA career, Garnett has showcased the “Holy Trinity” of defense of basketball. He has the length and size, the basketball brains, and most of all the determination and will. Up to today Garnett can still do that. And he prides himself in doing so. However, the most important tool KG brings to any NBA team is energy and passion. Garnett makes his teammates better. Not in the same sense when Jason Kidd or Steve Nash makes their teammates better, but Garnett influences his teammates to do better and become the player he believes they can be. Kevin expects a lot from himself and he certainly would expect the same thing from his teammates. He wants to know that his teammates want to win and will do anything to prevent a loss. When “Big Baby” Glen Davis was still in Boston, KG was once made the young forward cry after Kevin yelled at him after a horrible play during a game. That sparked a fire in Big Baby and Glen Davis would develop into becoming one of the better forwards in the NBA. So with the additions of two big men into the Celtics mix, KG will have two new fellows to put under his wing and make them have the same fire and skill he has learned and forcefully trained for his entire NBA career. In the 2012 NBA Playoffs, KG showed that he could still do it averaging a near double-double in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat. He was definitely the best player for the Celtics behind All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo in the Celtics recent playoff run. Through age, injuries, and doubts from NBA owners to writers, KG has withstood it all and has shined through them all. … Welcome back KG!

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